“down a laneway?....”

Fuel was created to fill a niche in the increasingly coffee aware society of Geelong.  It’s a tiny space filled with energy and passion and is driven by owner/barista Greg Matheson.

Located in a non-traditional retail area of Geelong, Fuel is tucked away down a small CBD laneway, and although small in stature, it’s big on personality.

Fuel is an urban, friendly, busy space that becomes a sanctuary momentarily for the city workers, near-by uni students, constant influx of shoppers and transit passers-by.

Fuel reflects all the things we love - outstanding coffee, simple, delicious food, great music, an enthusiastic team and a bustling vibe - all wrapped up in a contemporary industrial interior, not to mention the ever-changing array of custom and vintage bicycles and motorbikes on display. It’s a lot of fun and we’re very proud of what we have achieved since opening in December 2010.

So whether you drop in quickly for a single origin espresso, or stay a while to enjoy the food and atmosphere, either way, we’d love to see you and hope that you become one of our many familiar faces.

...If there was a bell that I could ring in the middle of Melbourne to signify major coffee milestones, I would be ringing it today. Geelong coffee lovers can now rest easy knowing that they have amazing coffee at their back door”

.... Melbourne Coffee Review 2011  

Whats happening...


Spaces and faces at FUEL


a bite perhaps?

Our simple menu showcases a range of delicious seasonal choices including vegetarian and gluten-free options, and our cakes and pastries are made daily by a wonderful local artisan baker.

Why Campos coffee?

Since Campos first emerged on the coffee scene in 2002, fuelled by a single-minded desire to create the world's best coffee, it is now widely recognised as the leading boutique specialty brand in the country, and the recipient of numerous awards.

Distinguishing itself from other specialty coffee brands, Campos was one of the first proponents of 'direct trade', a term used by coffee roasters who buy straight from coffee growers, thereby eliminating the traditional middleman buyers, sellers and other commercial interest groups.

Campos champions the direct trade method because it allows them to build mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with individual producers around the world, while ensuring the very best quality of coffee that the Campos customer has come to expect.

They pride themselves on sustainability and traceability and are constantly visiting farms, meeting farmers, workers and their families. Integrity in coffee has always been a cornerstone of the Campos brand and they are driven to meet their commitment to customers while ensuring the coffee is always produced in the most ethically and sustainable way possible.

Campos Superior:

A True Specialty Coffee Blend. Dominant PNG caramel intonations with fruit and toffee highlights. An Extremely well balanced and consistent cup. This blend has great dimension and is well suited with milk or black.

Swiss Water Process Decaf Espresso Blend:

Our very own decaffeinated blend with a solid body and enjoyable dimension. Tenor, centre palate flavours with plumb resonance. Chemical free decaffeinated with panache!


the experiences of others...

A small collection of what the word about town is on just what we do best here at FUEL...enjoy!

If there was a bell that I could ring in the middle of Melbourne to signify major coffee milestones, I would be ringing it today. Geelong coffee lovers can now rest easy knowing that they have amazing coffee at their back door.

Fuel feels like I am in one of the better cafes in Melbourne back streets, with a real cosmo vibe and a passionate team on the tools banging out black gold.

This place rocked me to the core, I love it. Come here now and say MCR sent you. The coffee was exquisite, luscious and smooth like velvet. The service was what can only be described as a frenzy of friendly happiness.

Wow, Geelong! Love your work! A Top 100 contender without doubt for 2012."

...Peter Christo, Melbourne Coffee Review, February 2011

...If you’re after a coffee experience which not only delivers brilliant coffee, but also a funky environment, your first stop should be FUEL.

...Geelong Advertiser, July 2011

..Consistently the best coffee & service you will find! Better than any hipster cafe in Melbourne! Great to see such friendly and passionate staff each time I return! 10 outta 10!!

...Urbanspoon, Feb 2012


hidden down a laneway...


2 Gore Place
Geelong 3220

P: 0423 224 808

Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM
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